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There's No Time to Cook, Eating on the Go!

Check out these quick tips to follow when grabbing meals on the go and some local recommendations for healthy options!

3 Things to Keep in Mind...

...well balanced macronutrients

(Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats)

To go meals tend to be carb heavy. Try to incorporate a serving of protein the size of the palm of your hand or ~20 grams.

...calorie consideration

Portions are often larger than necessary. So grab a doggy bag.

...sauce is sneaky

A meal that starts off well balanced may end up tipping the scale if we over do the sauce.

5 On the Go Healthy Options, Southern Pines

1. Nature's Own - They have some great grab and go sandwiches, but if you have a moment to put in a to go order everything is delicious! Just be sure if you choose a vegetarian options, such as The Kitchen Salad, you add a bit more protein to keep you full and feed those muscles.

2. Clean Juice - For a quick bite their Protein Toast is an excellent grab and go snack, to make sure you don't go those long hours with no food. Of course, they also have a great variety of protein shakes for safer driving!

118 Brucewood Rd, Southern Pines, NC 28387 *Mention The Fitness Studio and Receive 10% off!

3. Clean Eatz - These meals are specifically designed to have a balanced amount of macronutrients without a lot of additives. You can swing by and grab a meal or place an order for their meal plans and be set for the week!

*Mention The Fitness Studio and Receive 10% off CAFE orders!

4. Berri Bowlful - Something a bit more refreshing that'll still help you keep that metabolism running! Try the Wonder Woman Bowl with its added whey protein you won't get that sugar crash after your body has used the energy from the fruit!

*Mention this newsletter from The Fitness Studio and Receive 10% off one item!

5. Rooted Cafe & Market - For those of you who are looking for a plant-based option! This is a new cafe inside of the Hot Asana Yoga Studio, don't worry there is a side door to grab and go, in case yoga isn't on the menu that day.

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