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TFS is a private studio offering
personal training, nutritional counseling,
and small group classes. 

Growing up on Long Island in NY, Bridget was always a heavy kid. It took her many years to find a healthy balance. She believes in long-term lifestyle change. As a freshman, she joined her high school track team and her love of fitness was born. That same year she started volunteering at the local YMCA and built her career from there. Working in roughly all of the environments in the industry over the last 20 years, she loved the private studio setting the most and opened The Fitness Studio Inc. in 2011. Her desire is still to provide a place where talented, passionate trainers can work together with the support of a team and focus on helping people grow, learn, and change their lives for the better. She believes that fitness is merely the bridge, but the betterment of those around is always the goal. 

                                                                                                                        ///TFS Owner


In her youth, Kirstee was just a “normal skinny kid.” Most would not have considered her athletic. Though she enjoyed the outdoors, cardio was a “dreaded activity.” At the age of 16, things began to change. She discovered yoga and found enjoyment in exercise. Health became a focal point in her life as she began to practice yoga, swim, and run on a regular basis. She yearned to share this new passion with others, becoming a certified yoga instructor at the age of 17 and obtaining her degree in Nutrition. Kirstee went on to discover scuba diving, becoming a PADI Divemaster. Naturally, her passion for fitness and exploration continued as she began teaching yoga again in a gym setting. This opened her eyes to a world of exercise and she became an ACE certified personal trainer. Kirstee enjoys helping others achieve flexibility, mobility, and balance...a necessary component of exercise to prevent injury and improve performance.

                                                                                                                                ///TFS Trainer

Caitlin began her personal fitness journey when working as a Zumba instructor at the YMCA. The joy of seeing someone accomplish their fitness goals in a non-judgmental, fun environment, drove the passion to work with individuals one on one. This experience exposed her to the importance of one’s mental skills in the development of their performance. Thus, leading her to pursue a master’s degree in Sport Psychology. Caitlin decided to bring these performance skills to the military and continued to work with the Army as a Mental Performance Coach. After several years of focusing on the mental side she was ready to get back to integrating physical development, leading her to return to training at The Fitness Studio. It is her passion to continue to create a space where individuals are able to grow both mental and physical strength in a fun non-judgmental environment.

                                                                                                        ///TFS Co-Owner&Trainer


Do you have a passion for helping people and living a healthy lifestyle?

We would love to speak with you about joining our team of professional trainers. 

Please contact us!

We work together to provide the widest knowledge base, experience and customization.  We are passionate  

          about changing lives. We believe in fitness as a positive outlet providing a great quality of life.

At TFS you can expect...



...customized workout and nutrition planning just for you. Personal training is just that, personal.



...a judgment free, health-inspired environment. Every goal, big and small, is one worth pursuing.



...a private setting, personalized to your needs and comfort. The gym shouldn't be an intimidating place.



Our services include:

  • Private Personal Training

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Body Composition Testing

  • Small Group Classes

    • $10 Drop-in, no commitment

  • Community Events/Classes & Public Speaking

    • Contact us to schedule an engagement.



We pride ourselves on creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. No pressure,

no hidden agenda, just information. Call for a FREE consultation, 910.445.1842.

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