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TFS is a private studio offering
personal training, nutritional counseling,
and small group classes. 
Owner of The Fitness Studio Inc.

Growing up on Long Island in NY, Bridget was always a heavy kid. It took her many years to find a healthy balance. She believes in long-term lifestyle change. As a freshman, she joined her high school track team and her love of fitness was born. That same year she started volunteering at the local YMCA and built her career from there. Working in roughly all of the environments in the industry over the last 20 years, she loved the private studio setting the most and opened The Fitness Studio Inc. in 2011. Her desire is still to provide a place where talented, passionate trainers can work together with the support of a team and focus on helping people grow, learn, and change their lives for the better. She believes that fitness is merely the bridge, but the betterment of those around is always the goal. 

                                                                                                                        ///TFS Owner

Co-Owner of The Fitness Studio Inc.

Caitlin began her personal fitness journey when working as a Zumba instructor at the YMCA. The joy of seeing someone accomplish their fitness goals in a non-judgmental, fun environment, drove the passion to work with individuals one on one. This experience exposed her to the importance of one’s mental skills in the development of their performance. Thus, leading her to pursue a master’s degree in Sport Psychology. Caitlin decided to bring these performance skills to the military and continued to work with the Army as a Mental Performance Coach. After several years of focusing on the mental side she was ready to get back to integrating physical development, leading her to return to training at The Fitness Studio. It is her passion to continue to create a space where individuals are able to grow both mental and physical strength in a fun non-judgmental environment.

                                                                                                        ///TFS Co-Owner&Trainer


Erin found her niche with swimming, leading her to competitively swim for 10 years and playing collegiate water polo at Appalachian State University, while obtaining her BS in Exercise Science. She decided to continue her education earning an associate degree in Therapeutic Massage. It was there that she gained a greater understanding of what it meant to “be healthy.” She realized it was more than “eating right” and working out regularly, but a complex system that requires a variety of modalities. It is her diverse background, both physically and academically, that allows her to create programs and work as a massage therapist, in matter that not only improves performance, but develops the body.

///TFS Trainer

Personal trainer

Rebecca led an active life as a young adult playing different sports and hiking in the outdoors for photography. With a passion for helping others, a close friend introduced her to personal training and how it helped transform people’s lives through exercise. For more than 15 years, Rebecca has been instilling this same passion for lifelong health through fitness and her organic skincare line, Plant Love, all over the country. She feels it is important to teach her clients the importance of exercise, strength training, proper technique and form, and setting performance goals so they can have fun while improving their strength and fitness. 

/// TFS Trainer

persona trainer
personal trainer

Alex has always had a passion for exercise. Over the years he has physically challenged himself in a variety of arenas including wrestling, Olympic lifting, and serving in the United States Army as an Airborne Infantryman. Alex has now directed his attention toward the development of muscle-building and form as it pertains to bodybuilding; all while enriching his knowledge in the use of nutrition and supplements. He is enthusiastic to work with clients no matter their goal or starting skill level!  Alex’s intention for training is to help you achieve your best self, whether it be the ability to breeze through your first 10K run or just gaining the strength to not struggle to get off the couch. 

/// TFS Trainer

Paul has been an athlete and fitness trainer for most of his life; having recently moved from Newport, Rhode Island to Southern Pines he continues to enjoy competing as a cyclist and inline speed skater. Paul has enjoyed a career of working with a diverse clientele: from elite and world-class athletes in sailing, tennis, golf, and running (to name a few), to recreational athletes, military personnel preparing for and/or recovering from active duty, and senior clients looking to improve their lifelong agility and mobility. Fitness means many things to many people, but to Paul, it means living a life free from physical impairment and discomfort with minimal prescriptive interventions, while continuing to meet personal goals. He prides himself on caring for his clients and methodically targeting their specific goals and desired outcomes through functional fitness training.

                                                                                                                  /// TFS Trainer


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We work together to provide the widest knowledge base, experience and customization.  We are passionate  

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...customized workout and nutrition planning just for you. Personal training is just that, personal.



...a judgment free, health-inspired environment. Every goal, big and small, is one worth pursuing.



...a private setting, personalized to your needs and comfort. The gym shouldn't be an intimidating place.


Our services include:

  • Private Personal Training

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Body Composition Testing

  • Small Group Classes

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  • Community Events/Classes & Public Speaking

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