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An Intro to a Local Nutritionist!

The journey of lifelong health goes through waves of focus. If right now your priority is figuring out your nutrition check out Jenni!

By: Jenni Sills

Hi Fit Fam! My name is Jenni Sills and I am YOUR Certified Guide to Mindful Eating as a Way of Life. I am also a newlywed, dog momma, PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach, blogger, former personal trainer & educator and so much more. I help busy women figure out how to build health into their already chaotic schedules. I provide results through a personalized nutrition plan and a comprehensive health analysis (factors such as mindset, environment, stress, etc.) without dieting or working out 7 days a week. I truly take my mission to heart and love seeing each client thrive!

When my husband and I moved her a little over a year ago, I wasn’t sure how to best get involved with the community. But what I found out quickly is that this community is strong. We support one another and ensure no one is left out. That’s what I love about Nutrition Coaching. Look, you can easily look up nutrition plans on pinterest and instagram and follow tons of people who have the certification and knowledge. But until they know YOU: your unique physiology, mindset, lifestyle, preferences, challenges and strengths, it’s hard to pinpoint the right plan. That’s the BEST part about what I do. I get to know you and help you where you’re at with what you have.

As a former educator, my brand philosophy is to Educate, Empower, & Transform.

Educate: I will ensure you UNDERSTAND your nutrition plan and how it works best for your current season of life. Together, we will also take a deep dive into your health to find limiting beliefs and mindsets holding you back from progress.

Empower: Knowledge is where you begin, but true change is activated when you apply small daily actions to build better habits. With coaching that covers all areas of your life (stress, work, community, play, and mindset), you will feel more empowered to take control of your health.

Transform: Once you know the WHY and the HOW behind your change AND you’ve had support over time to practice and apply your personalized plan, you will look in the mirror to see a transformed version of yourself smiling back.

Right now I offer 1:1 coaching packages. You can get started with your complimentary Discovery Call where we will begin to address your biggest hurdle keeping you from progressing towards your goals. You’ll leave with direction and clarity on next steps and if you’re ready and willing, a plan set into action. Apply NOW to see how I can help you find a better life balance.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Jenni Sills

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