Our Pillars to Lifelong Health



Creating a realistic plan for lifelong health. 

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Life is complicated, wellness doesn't have to be. 

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Movement & Mobility

Movement is for the mind and body; mobility keeps you pain free and safe.

Currently offering virtual training, from our home to yours.

Note from Bridget & Caitlin

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Hi! We're the owners of TFS. Thanks for checking us out! There is no arrive with health and fitness. It is always a process, and it isn't always at the top of the priority list...that's OK! It is our hope that you'll give our team an opportunity to help you on your journey. Each of us came to this industry because it changed our life personally, and now we want to help you achieve your goals and find your lifestyle balance

Personal trainer



Keep an eye out for your new daily checklist!

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Fantastic Supplement Lines

Receive 10% off all supplements after setting up your account with the following link: https://wellevate.me/thefitnessstudioinc.


We'll happily send you recommendations or feel free to create your own protocol based on the many options. Clients receive 15% off, talk to your trainer for more details!


Believe you can, we already do!